saveScreen questions

Hi OF forum,

I realize this question is like the question that eternally returns… but nevertheless. I want to saveScreen in a separate thread so that interaction is preserved accurately. I see that there is an addon for this - I tried that but it is a few years old and doesn’t seem to be working for me. I briefly took a look at modifying / updating it but I couldn’t get it working. If someone has updated it recently or has a working version it would be great to get that.

I have a version of this kind of code in Processing that extends the thread class so that interaction can be preserved while recording to .pngs. It works very well for creating animations / movies. I would like to have the same for OF.

Many Thanks,

Scott LS. does that, it will only work with the nightly builds though.

Hi Arturo,

thanks for the info. I managed to update the code for the other library the ofxImageSequenceRecorder. It seems to work pretty well. There are still some things that are not completely perfect in the process of capturing interaction. But it does do the job with a bit of hacking about.

Also: Not sure I have the best quality .png’s being produced… But perhaps that is the nature of the beast. Any thoughts on this kind of interaction preserving animations and and true HD are welcome…

Perhaps this ofxTextureRecorder does a better job…?