Save tiff file with LZW lossless compression for fine print

Does anyone has experience on how to save screen image or fbo output to image file for fine art print. Probably the file output has to be format such as tiff with LZW lossless compression.

I aware output fbo with the following method, but if save as tiff, what is the compression method used?
ofSaveImage(pix, “test.png”, OF_IMAGE_QUALITY_BEST);


I believe the png file will be lossless too.
It might be smaller than the tiff as there is a lossless compression in png.

We’ve also used ofxTileSaver in the past to save out really large print quality renders from OF.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your info. The ofxTileSaver is very useful. I briefly looked at the code, if I am correct, it reposition the openGL eye position so that everything draw look much bigger, and then reposition the eye at each tile position and put that in the final image, is that correct? Any know pitfall in using need to aware of? Thanks!