save image in certain size


i want save / export images in specific sizes. for example: high resolution to the iOS camera roll, smaller resolution for upload to twitter and other sharing sites. image size should be independent from the screen resolution (320x480 or 640x960 or 1024x768).

how do i do that? at the moment?

after some research on the forums i found out that a the solution could be to use FBO? but there are several implementations, which one to use, which one works on iOS?
as a side effect this could also bring fake smoothing to my app?

so is there a way to use 0062+FBO? if not, is there a way to compile 007? i wasn’t successful on that after trying for hours…

is FBO the right thing at all?

thank you very much.

I have the same problem, for my app Meander I’d like to implement a high-res export function. I tried ofxFBOTexture, but I couldn’t get it to work on high-res. If I remember it correctly, the FBO went completely white when trying to use it at twice the iPhone res. I hope someone comes up with a solution!