San Francisco Workshop

Hey folks-

Are there any Bay Area based folks here? I was wondering if there was any interest in putting together some sort of workshop, or at least a meet and greet.

I work in the computer animation industry and was introduced to Processing a couple of years ago, and started playing with openFrameworks this summer. I would love an opportunity to learn from other folks how they use OF and such.

Anyone interested?


I know I’m a bit further north (Vancouver), but I’d be interested in something like this… and if I’m ever heading down to California I’d be sure to drop ya a line.

definitely interested. this needs to happen.


Do you know of the new(ish) GAFFTA space? ( There have already been a few workshops there, and I’m sure they’d be happy to host something else. I am in touch with some of the people affiliated and can ask them. I was actually planning to teach a different workshop there, but I’d be happy to run an OF workshop if there are numerous people interested. should we attach a poll to gauge interest level?


That would be great!

I took the first processing workshop that was held at gaffta back in october and it was a lot of fun, although it skewed a bit too much to the beginner side for me. Not to say that I’m an expert at all, but I’m fairly familiar with programming and such. My hope would be for an OF workshop that’s a little more intermediate in content.

In addition to the gaffta space, I’m exploring the option of hosting a series of interactive programming classes at my company’s office.

Also, is it true that zach, or one of the founders of the framework is currently on tour doing OF workshops? If so, might we be able to enlist them?? :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’m here in SF and would be down to meet up with local peeps and talk OF. I’ve spoken with Josette over at Gaffta and she’s really receptive to the idea of hosting some kind of OF event in the future. Let’s at the very least have a social somewhere and grab some beers.

Anyone else down?



I’m in!

hello all,
I’m here in SF, and relatively new to the area. So in short I’m down for beers, socializing, and business.

  • James

Hey guys,

I just started a monthly Flash meetup here in SF to get people together over beers and help get a conversation going after work. This sort of stemmed from a few us of hanging out after the monthly meetings that are now over at Adobe. Anyway, most of us are interested and currently working with technologies outside of Flash so maybe this little happy hour of mine could be a segue to a more “formal” gathering that’s OF focused?

We’re meeting for beers at the Kilowatt in the Mission next Thursday if any of you guys are free.

Would love to meet more OF people here in SF.
If you can make it do please come up and introduce yourself.