sampler2D instead of sampler2DRect

How can I send a texture to a shader and use it as a sampler2D instead of a sampler2DRect.
As I understand the sampler2D’s coordinates is normalized, but I can’t seem to get it mapped right. Does openFrameworks provide a varying for the texture, like “texCoord” for sampler2DRect?

Do I need to extract the texture myself in the shader. I can understand that the sampler2DRect only contains one texture where as sampler2D is an array of textures, is this correct?

I am using glsl 4.5. Does the sampler2D still only supports texture power-of-two sizes?

Hi, if you add a ofDisableArbTex() before loading any image or when allocating an FBO make sure you set

textureTarget = GL_TEXTURE_2D;

You will get a texture that does not use the GL_ARB_texture_rectangle functionality and works with sampler2D.