sACN with OF for lighting

Has anyone worked with streaming ACN for lighting before with openframeworks?

Not what you’re asking, apologies. But I’ve used the ArtNet addon successfully. What are you trying to do?

I need to control a lot of lights, 240 universes, but the location wants to use sACN, mostly because of the priority message function - they can easily over ride messages by using messages with a higher priority. I have also used artnet from OF a fair bit, but this requires sACN.

Sounds like a fun project, that is indeed a sh*t load of universes! I’m sure you’ve been looking but this could yield some results:

Hi @fresla!
I’ve been also looking into having sACN inside OF.
Maybe we can join forces and develop an sACN addon?


I was looking at this as a starting point GitHub - sosolimited/Cinder-DMX: Cinder block for serial communication with Enttec DMX controllers.

I’ve recently developed an artnet addon for OF, not public yet.
but I can’t find the sACN specification to see if the protocol is similar or different

You can find the protocol for free from the ESTA TSP downloads TSP

It is called ANSI E1.31 — 2018

ETC labs published their implementation here: GitHub - ETCLabs/sACN: Implementation of ANSI E1.31 (sACN)


Hi everyone,

I used @fresla suggestion on using Cinder-DMX as a starting point, and I came across this: ofxE131Client.

Now only multicast on is simplemented (universe 1 per specification), but i found that using Advatek Pixlite works if I am sending other universes as well, maybe it will not work with other sACN devices.

Let me now if you can give it a try, and if it works for your use case. :wink:


Wow very cool, the project I am going to use sACN with is a while off, I will test this once i get close to some hardware though.