Runtime error opencvHaarFInderExample

When I try to run the opencvHaarFInderExample example code from addonsexamples, I
get the following runtime error in the PixelType class on this line:


“Program received signal: EXEC BAD ACCESS”

Has anyone else run into this/know how to solve?

From Kyle McD:
“i saw this exact problem from another student, and we fixed it by
commenting out the swapRgb call… but then the image R and B channels
were incorrect :/”


yes, this is fixed in github in both the master and develop branches, if you don’t want to use the version from git, just change the swapRgb method in ofPixels.cpp with:

template<typename PixelType>  
void ofPixels_<PixelType>::swapRgb(){  
    if (channels >= 3){  
        int sizePixels = width*height*channels;  
        for (int i=0; i< sizePixels; i+=channels){