Runtime error in capture aplication

Can anyone help me regarding the capture app. given on:-

I tried to convert given code to work for linux(Ubuntu 10.10).
I changed .cbp file & added equivalent libraries for linux.

PROBLEM IS:- When i connect my webcam for capture,and select ‘enable camera’, it gives Segmentation error.

Sorry,if anyone feeling irritated by this post as i have already posted this problem on ‘structured-light group’ at google,but i wanted help urgently,so thought of posting it here also.

try to run the unmodified movieGrabberExamle of OF and see if this works with your cam.

I tried to debug the code(capture app) but it shows:-
Segmentation fault due to ‘memcpy()’ in ‘’ library( which is in /usr/lib/i386-gnu-linux folder).

Please help me regarding this.

did you try the movieGrabberExample from /apps/examples/movieGrabberExample ?

i tried running moviegrabber example, But there is no Control Panel for Start Capture,Stop capture?
There also it gives ‘Segementation Error’.

Initially it was displaying the frames but just for experimenting i removed camera while app. was executing.
It gave I/O errors,and that ‘it cannot read from device’.

After that:-
But when i reconnect my device and execute the app. again then it does not give any error but a previously shown image( which it displayed before i removed camera) is displayed again.

But if i execute the app. without reconnecting the webcam,it says device cannot capture at 1600x1200,but mine is Logitech Quickcam Sphere AF and it can capture at 1600x1200.

if movieGrabberExample fails too with your cam, then you can try other programs like cheese or guvcview to test your camera if it works like you want.

I have tried with guvcview,with it works normally,but what can be the possible problem with moviegrabber & capture app.?
In meantime i tried to debug the code for capture app. and found that it is giving segmentation fault in ‘ofGstUtil::initgrabber’ but is it possible to set breakpoint in library(i.e., in “libopenframeworksdebug.a”) which actually contains the code for ‘initgrabber’ ?

yes should be possible to do that.
are you on OF version 007? if not try that. it was released just a few days ago, you can get it on the website.