Running three kinects on Windows 7 64bit

Im trying to run three kinects on a single PC, but cant get a stable framerate.

I have taken the kinectExample and installed the libfreenect drivers. With one kinect it works fine, and two also works when I use the define USE_TWO_KINECTS. I extended the example by adding a kinect3 but then my trouble begin.

Im having trouble getting a decent framerate. things start to hang and only one of them are updating. The funny thing is that all start to update for a brief while if i drag the window, making me suspect that it is some kind of race condition that is the problem.

I also tried initializing without video (kinect3.init(false, false, true):wink: which helps slightly, but still gives me a jerky update on the three kinects.

During my debug process I have tried installing Ubuntu 64bit on the machine and installed a kinect example that runs flawlessly with three kinects. So I know that the hardware is capable.

I have taken care to put each kinect on its own USB2.0 bus (I am using the two built in on the MB + one PCI-E card.)

Do you have any idea what might be causing the stuttering?

Kind regards