running the slowFast Render gl example in windows and linux (on same hardware)

Hi all,
i’m trying to benchmark my pc, which is a intel core i7, with 6GB ram, and gpu nvidia quadro FX 1800.
it is a dual boot system and on windows the slowFastRender gl example starts ‘feeling’ the processing load at approx 400k particles.

on to ubuntu studio 13.04, with the nvidia proprietary driver and running the same example shows that the system starts feeling the load at approximately 150k points…

Can anyone else confirmed that? Do you have any suggestions for linux?

thank you very much for your help

the nvidia driver is usually much more optimized on windows than any other platform, also the composited desktop in ubuntu is kind of slow, i usually get much better performance by using desktops with no effects like openbox

I shall do that too.
just a couple of questions:

is your base system ubuntu? or you use something else that comes with openbox ( like slackware ) ?
if it is ubuntu do, did you just install openbox on top and log on to that from lightdm? or did you go the extra mile to remove unity, too?

yep in ubuntu, just apt-get openbox and log in from lightdm