Running ofxOpenNi project freezes trackpad&keyboard on MacbookPro

I’ve been running into an issue lately with a project where I’m using ofxOpenNi. I’m running OSX 10.6.8, on a 2010 macbook pro, oF .007 and using a fairly recent ofxOpenNI with the following drivers: OpenNI unstable, NITE , SensorKinect (Avin)

The issue I’m having is that during running the project the built-in keyboard and trackpad of my macbook can suddenly become unresponsive, and will remain so until I reboot. What does work is the power button of the laptop, and connecting a usb keyboard/mouse *sometimes* will give me control over the OS. When it doesn’t, it’s obvious that the USB port isn’t powering the keyboard/mouse.

I’m afraid I haven’t found a typical trigger for this issue but any non-ofxOpenNI oF program never has this result. It’s possible that I’ve edited too much out of the example which I took as a starting point ( -> openNiSample007), making the library unstable… but that’s just guessing on my part as I’m new to oF.

First of all, I’m wondering whether this is a known issue (didn’t find any instances from a first googling spree) and the second being: any ideas?


this is a known issue for OpenNI on osx. it’s not a problem with OF, or ofxOpenNI. it’s just OpenNI itself. i haven’t heard anyone admit to the cause of this problem yet, and i don’t know if/when it will be solved. if you need depth data, ofxKinect is faster and more reliable. but if you need skeleton data… you’ll have to deal with the restarts.

i’ve heard some rumors that moving your mouse while the app is starting makes it less likely to break. or maybe it’s the opposite? i don’t remember… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Kyle. Unfortunate that there’s not too much that I can do about it (except moving my mouse :slight_smile: but glad to have some idea what’s causing it. If I make any trial-error progress I’ll be sure to post it here.