Running OfxEdsdk on 32-bit run in Xcode


Hi, I have a project which uses OfxEdsdk and also ofxHapPlayer. I can work with each of these without any problems. The problem is as I have both of these in my project , ofxEdsdk only runs in my project if I run it in xcode as 64-bit run. and ofxHapPlayer only works if I run it in xcode as 32-bit run.
I was wondering if you guys know any ways to run ofxEdsk in xcode 32-bit , if I run it in 32-bit it crashed on InitializeSDK() function.
I’ll appreciate if someone can help me with this.


I’m having the opposite problem running under xcode 8.3.3 on osx. it only appears to run correctly when compiling ofxEdsdk as 32 bit and has library image errors in 64bit.

Did you find any clues/answers?