Running `make` as regular user


For some reason I can’t compile anything as a regular user, which means I have to type sudo make every time I want to run something… I am not really sure where to start looking for a solution to this. I installed oF from AUR using git clone and then makepkg -csi. After that I ran the of-workspace script. This is happening on Arch Linux, latest release.

the aur package is not an official version of openframeworks.and might have some problems. the only officially supported versions of OF are the downloads from the web

Unfortunately I had the same problem when downloading from the web as well…

can you explain what steps you are taking when installing from the web and what errors you get? of-workspace is not an OF script so not sure if what you mention in the OP is the same you are doing with the web download?

Hi, sorry for the noise. Once I fixed the ALcontent bug in the download-version from the web and ran all the scripts from there in order, everything is now working as advertised! As Arch forum moderator V1del pointed out, I might have unintentionally run sudo make at some point, which somehow messed up my permissions…