Running dlib with ofxDlib in Visual Studio

Hi all. I’ve been trying to get a version of dlib up and running with VS2015. I found the ofxDlib addon and have been able to build some projects successfully. I am, however having issues with the “example dnn mmod face detection” project. Whenever I try to build I get the following error:

dlib::add_loss_layer<dlib::loss_mmod_,dlib::add_layer<dlib::con_<1,9,9,1,1,4,4>,SUBNET,void>>::add_loss_layer(T &&...)': could not deduce template argument for <unnamed-symbol>

My theory is that it has something to do with the nested templates, but I can build the vanilla dlib version of this same project in VS without any problem. They’re both using the same compiler, so I’m not sure what might be going on. Any tips, thoughts, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.