run other application inside my OF app? (or fake so)

Hi all!

My goal is to integrate an Excel file with macros into my OF app, so that it appears to be part of my app. OS is Windows 7, Excel Version 10. It’s ment to be shown on a specific point in my application, so I would show and hide (or launch and close) it when needed.

I’m thinking about:

  • Is it possible to run the native Excel application inside some sort of layout frame inside an OF app?

If not, is it possible to start the Excel application from OF, run it in a chromeless window, and display it in a layer in front of my OF app?

Is it possible to close another native application (Excel) from OF?

I highly appreciate any advice on how to start/ what options to consider!

you can launch/interact with apps if they are available via the c++ system command

OF has an ofSystem function that makes this a little nicer however I don’t think it is possible to do something as seamless as you are describing (mostly the chromeless window)