Run openframeworks with Atom. Did anyone manage to use Atom as openframeworks IDE?

Did anyone tried to use Atom as IDE with openframeworks?
I’ve been using Atom lately and I’m really happy with it. Haven’t find anything in the web about compatibility with OF so I was wondering if someone here actually thought about this.

Since of uses Makefiles you could probably do something like this:

And this for autocomplete:

But you are probably going to miss out on a few features that a bigger IDE like qtcreator has to offer.

Also maybe visual studio code ( ) has a little more features and is also pretty lightweight. I know that they are working on gdb integration and better autocomplete for c++

Thanks @underdoeg thats really helpful, I’ll definitely give it a try as soon as I have some time. I think Atom could be a great IDE for OF fast prototyping. I use it a lot with processing for example. Maybe I can create something like the “xcode OF plugin” for Atom, where you can easily create a new project and add an addon. Let’s see, If I manage to do it I’ll share it here on the forum.

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Hi @Joao ! Curious to know if you’ve managed to run OF with Atom since this thread was published. I’m using Atom with web projects and love the interface, packages and community behind it.

there’s some information in this other thread:

Thanks Arturo. I tried the auto complete plugin you discussed. It worked
after what can only be called an excessive load time still. Thought I would
update you and others on that. Overall though, it causes me far less rage
than xcode and it looks and feels much nicer.

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