Run OF on Raspberry Pi 4

Hello guys,

did someone actually managed to run OF on the new Raspberry Pi 4?
How about the compatibility with the new openGL driver?

I’ve read this post but I couldn’t reach a conclusion.



While I don’t think oF is yet to be compatible with the new openGL driver, theoretically, oF can still run on the Pi 4 if the legacy driver is selected (from raspi config). Unfortunately I don’t have my hands on a Pi 4 yet to check but it should be similar to the Pi 3 install instructions using the legacy driver. Most of these instructions should be still valid for Buster / Pi 4.

Do let us know if you manage to get it running this way.

So, how about if I want to use shaders? As you said the new OpenGL driver is “on by default”.

GLES shaders will still work on legacy mode, how we’ve been run shaders on the RPi till now.

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