Run Error when using Alphablending and Vertical Sync


Since quite a while now i’ve been having problems with a lot of the more graphically advanced stuff that openframeworks can do. I can run none of the examples in the “gl” folder and the “graphics” folder also gives me trouble.

I have found that disabling ofEnableAlphaBlending and OfVerticalSync often lets not so graphical sketches run without trouble. But when I for example try to run the GPUParticlesystem I run into trouble with the shaders.

Does any of you have any tips on how to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Ps. I am on a laptop with: Intel i7, AMD Firepro m5950, 8gb of memory and windows 8.

I’ve the same problem, I’m using a laptop with Intel i5, Windows 7 32 bit, 4 Gb of RAM memory.

I’ve tryed to run the same applications on a pc with Windows 7 64 bit and all run perfectly.

Someone can help us?