Run Augmented Reality in web page


I have a AR application that would like to run from my webpage without having the user to download it

I am greatful for any pointers to how this could be done


I found this thread

Online application with openFrameworks

Even if it’s not directly supported, you can write a web frontend in any of the regular web languages and have it pass parameters to a console openFrameworks application and then show the results. It would be a less interactive application than might be possible, of course, but it’s a possiblity. Additionally there are web libraries for C++ you could try and embed into openFrameworks, like

any other ideas?

hi Alecs,

that thread is more about running oF as a server (backend). for interactive userland applications running inside a webbrowser, your only options right now are to use Java (ie Proce55ing) or Flash.



have a look here for example -


OF is made in c++ like you now, and you can make c++ program for website, i recomended you usea Flash and java toolkits for Augmented reality, you can find some wxamples with processing, is good for applications on web, of is more applications loca, because is more robust.

tried to with flaarToolit, is for flash :wink:

i hope this help you

I am trying with Processing and the following library

But i am having some problems to run it on the web…

anyway, thanks for the tips