Run as commandline


Is it possible to take your of app, and run it without opengl, just in commandline (on mac/linux)? I would really like to be able to make a app, and then later on be able to run it on a really weak linux machine, just controlling some arduinos without having a opengl window running slowing it down, and by that also be able to better remotely start it and monitor it… Possible?

Jonas Jongejan

Hmm… if your goal is to build just a command line app with no openGL or other graphics… maybe don’t use OpenFrameworks for that project?

I’m sure you could leverage the arduino functionality from the OF addon… it might even work with no modifications (to remove the OF graphical stuff).

I know it not what of is made for, but it would just be so super easy for me… Making a app (that is also able to draw if i want), and then just run the same code, without having to make a new project and include all the files in other ways, just to run the same update() code without drawing…


this might be what you are looking for ?



YES! thanks!