rtAudio reference error

using XCode, one can delete any of the required libs and then rereference with no problem, except with rtAudio. when copied from an example code, it works fine, but when deleted as a reference and then replaced, several errors, such as saying a token “.” cannot be used in preprocessor directives where there is clearly no “.” in the line, etc. occur during the build. is this an error with the rtAudio lib, XCode, or my brain?



hi keith -

no problem:

a) can you post a copy of the errors?
b) can you write in detail what you are doing with the libs?
c) can you post maybe some screenshots too of the steps you are doing…

I 'm not sure why you are removing a referenced lib – is there a problem with the way things are setup now? We tried to make it pretty rock solid.


okay, here are the steps, one by one.

  1. download openframeworks
  2. copy “libs” and “apps” folders to a different location
    (newly created folder in the root level of my mac OSX sys)
  3. delete all but one example project
  4. open xcode project from “apps”
  5. compile. run. works.
  6. delete folders in “requiredLibs” tab
  7. drag folders from “libs” (same level as “apps”) into xcode “requiredLibs” tab
  8. make sure folders are linked “Relative to Project”
  9. compile. no dice.

the errors (at least the first several…i can post more if needed) can be seen here:


in re: the perhaps bigger question “why on earth am i messing with this stuff,” you’re right, everything is solid and works quite well together, thanks! i have read your opinion on local/relative linking, and definitely agree, but in this context what i was attempting to do was store all of the libs at an absolute, centralized location on a server and have the projects link directly to that absolute location, 1) saving a bit of space (yah, not much, but tryin to be efficient) so that the libs don’t have to be copied again and again for each individual location i would want the apps in, and 2) to allow for a consistency so that indeed, your solid set of libs doesn’t get touched or messed with and are simply referenced, the same by anyone anywhere, from one set of them, at one location.

the strangest part to me is how every other lib will allow you to re-reference in xcode except the rtAudio…

anyhow, i hope this clarifies a bit the issue i was having.



hi quickly,

I think you are dragging in the whole rtAudio folder, that might include some stuff we normally don’t include. rtAudio on a mac is I guess uncompiled (ie, you compile it along with OF and the source code). the errors you post describe ASIO, and we are not using asio – so perhaps there are additional files that you are trying to compile now, that are not being compiled in the other projects. Can you compare the two projects and let me know ?


Yeah that sounds like it could be it:

Make sure the files are just:


The only cpp file should be RtAudio.

Another thing it could be is to see if doing “Clean All” before compiling helps. Sometimes when the project gets moved Xcode becomes unhappy and gives a ton of errors - Clean All will fix that.

I will also see if I can recreate your situation here.

So I managed to recreate the error and it is definitely the extra cpp files - once you remove them from the project it should compile fine.

We’ll make sure that future releases don’t have unnecessary code - so you can easily remove and re add the libs etc.


thanks guys!