RtApiAsio::startStream: error (Hardware is malfunctioning.) starting device

hey guys,

firstly - hello openFrameworks community :slight_smile: I’m pretty new to using oF. Have a background in mainly node based creative app sorta stuff using touch, quartz and max. So forgive me if I am at all sounding retarded here…

I have been trying to get the audioInputExample to run from 0.8.0 on windows 8.1 using VS 2012 Express.

The app builds fine, but in my console output I have this error displayed.

If I try assigning different device id’s I get an incorrect device parameter error.

I have tried blocking out the ASIO stuff all together in one of the RtAudio header, to run only with DS as I am used to using DirectSound with touchDesigner - feeding the realtek stereomix straight in to play with. Is this functionality possible with ofSoundStream? If so and it is meant to be working, how come I am getting a ‘hardware malfunctioning’ error when I can still feed the direct sound signal straight into touchdesigner?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



yes i think there’s problem in how we are initializing the audio in windows, seems like we are only opening ASIO instead of DS but not sure what’s going on, there’s a similar post by someone who solved it by recompiling rtAudio to use DS only but there’s no official fix yet

HI arturo,

Thanks for your response!

I read that post, and it appeared it was regarding a different error all together. I have tried compiling without ASIO with no luck, still receiving the same error. Perhaps it is in fact a hardware error and not an issue with the framework/libs? I reinstalled the audio drivers and rebooted thinking this may be the issue, but still the same problem.

Is there another audio I/O system in use with oF that can achieve the same low level access to the audio card that the ofSoundStream can?



if you’re compiling rtAudio, can you try the examples that come with it and see if they work?

as a side note, this is an addon that uses portAudio (similar to rtAudio)

might be helpful?