[rpi] ofSetBackgroundAuto(false) not working as intended?

Hello good folks,

I’m trying to draw some trials on screen by using ofSetBackgroundAuto(false) but its not working?

More people seem to have this problem and judging from the posts in the thread related to the gpu. I’m runnning of version 0.93 on the raspberry pi (also compiling there if it matters?).

Is this a bug or am i using it wrong? Is there a noob-friendly way of achieving this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Code below (how does one share code here on the forum ie what is the etiquette? Srry but i’m new here :slight_smile:
#include “ofApp.h”

void ofApp::setup() {

void ofApp::update() {
loc.x = loc.x+1;
loc.y = loc.y+1;

if(loc.x<0)loc.x = ofGetWidth();
if(loc.y<0)loc.y = ofGetHeight();


void ofApp::draw() {

//loc is a ofPoint

Anyone? Srry for the shameless bump here but i’m porting over a processingsketch intended to run on the rpi and without this working i’m kinda stuck unfortunately :frowning:

(it doesnt necessarily have to be using ofSetBackgroundAuto(), if you have another solution i’m all ears)

this might be a bug, can you open an issue in github? as a quick solution you can use an fbo

Cool thanks! i’ll look into fbo’s (was kinda hoping i could postpone that part a bit and save it for later :slight_smile: