RPi implementation works on another bcm SoCs?

Theoretically OF RPi implementation may work with another Broadcom SoC?

If it’s running Linux and uses the display manager for windowing with VideoCore (dispmanx) it should work I suppose … the custom ofAppEGL window uses dispmanx to create the window (not X11, etc), but other than that it’s pretty close to our standard linux distro which works on lots of arm6/7 platforms.

Thanks for your inputs.

I don’t have the board yet. I’m considering to order the new bcm SoC A9 dual core to give it a try. But it will run Linux for sure.
Before post my question I took a look into OF code (ofEGLAppWindow) and I found out that as you mentioned is pretty close to the regular linux distro, besides using the dispamnx, as I understood to be the API from Weston, which is the reason behind my interest on VideoCore boards, having a 3D HW accelerator display manager.
At this stage I’m using odroid with Mali graphic card and it’s using more than 60% cpu just to render a 30fps window, cause is being handled by the CPU.

Btw and a bit off the topic, afaik, it’s not possible to implement it on a Mali graphic card, right? There is no open-source API available for developers… Is there any other solution on the market that is at the same level as VideoCore?

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The Mali Frame Buffer – I believe – is the same used on the pcDuino. And as far as I know, there is an open source driver for Mali - sunxi – you might look at this thread:

There are a few other threads around that discuss the mali FB / pcduinos …

Also, as far as I know, the odroid has been used w/ openFrameworks – perhaps ping @jvcleave and search the forums a bit … I can’t remember who was doing it or where I saw it … maybe on youtube?


I have the Odroid-W but this happened

The RPi is still the only board with decent video drivers that I know of. The Nvidia Tegra is good but much more expensive and not as easy to get configured

@bakercp Thanks once again for all your inputs. I appreciate it a lot.
In fact I already have an application running on a odroid-U3 which uses the sunxi mali and takes advantage of HW acceleration but not for X server as explained. The second post seems very interesting and I’ll try it out.

@jvcleave Great input. I didn’t know that and you saved me some wasted time :smile:
I’m looking for another solution rather odroid cause it uses Samsung chipset and it’s quite close.

Thank you both.

Well this is definitely sounding promising-ish!

Three brand new odroid-c1 devices were just shipped my way and my first goal is getting oF up and running on them.

They have THREE a2d pins. I never thought an analog-to-digital converter would get me so excited…