routing audio out under Windows and linux


quick question, is there any way to route the sound out from several copies an OF app which just plays a video files into something like PD? Need to solve this under windows if possible, maybe linux as well but this might be a problem.

The scenario is : three QT video files projections from the same computer. Their sound outputs need to go into different outputs of a 5.1 systems




Maybe you can use jack to do this. I never went into depth with it but it’s basically an audio connector.

yes I know jack but I have not been able to get it to run with my app. I also tried with the demo version of virtual audio cable but it does not see my app either

hmm. this could be something to do with the way we are accessing audio on Windows. JACK should work with what you’re trying to do.

can you please add a new issue on github describing your problem:
(if you can add a testApp.h and .cpp that illustrates, that would help too!)