Roughen Edges of shapes

Is there a way to roughen the edge of a shape (or line)?
I’ve attached an image as ref.

I’m thinking that adding noise might be an idea, but I dont want it to change over time, just be static.

Hmm good question, others will likely have better suggestions but I wonder if you might use an image as a mask to roughen things up?

i think the only built-in stuff that makes lines look trashy is turning off antialiasing to get jaggies and setting ofLineWidth to random values over time… but if you want it static you might have do like a lightning-bolt-style effect where instead of drawing a single line from point A to point B you draw many many segments and randomize their direction. another option that is probably more complicated is pustting a sobel edge detection shader at the end of your render, and then shmearing the results.

I’ve used a displacement shader for something like this – it works if your shape is flat. I use it to add noise to line drawings:

there’s some settings with the noise that give a different feeling…

however, if it’s just static / not animating / adjustable, maybe it’s better just done with an image / photoshop, like a png and use alpha on the edges?

(also this is kind of what Mike, your classmate, is doing with the twombly drawing experiment, on the circles of color… you should ask him to show you)