rotating mouse co-ordinates

I am working on something where I am rotating a rectangle (drawing it inside a transformation matrix), but I still want to accurately detect mouse clicks on it.

I am thinking that the easiest way is to transform the mouse input to match the transformed output. I am just having troubles getting the correct transformation… I am getting results that seem to be somewhat close, but it’s proving to be a tad tricky to nail down.

here’s my current translateMouseCoords method…

void StencilInstance::translateMouseCoords(int& x, int& y){  
	float xOff = this->x + this->width/2.0;  
	float yOff = this->y + this->height/2.0;  
	float cosT = cos(tiAngleToRadians(-1.0*this->rotation));  
	float sinT = sin(tiAngleToRadians(-1.0*this->rotation));  
	x -= xOff;  
	y -= yOff;  
	x = x * cosT - y * sinT;  
	y = y * cosT + x * sinT;  
	x += xOff;  
	y += yOff;  

here’s the draw that does the transform and what not…

void StencilInstance::draw(float x, float y, float w, float h, bool borders){  
	ofTranslate(x+w/2.0, y+h/2.0, 0);  
	ofTranslate((x+w/2.0)*-1.0, (y+h/2.0)*-1.0, 0);  
	ofRect(x, y, w, h);  

wondering if anyone has worked with anything like this or has any other ideas?

it’s “really” easy if you use ofxVectorMath

haven’t tested but something like:

ofxVec2f mouse(x,y);  
mouse -= ofxVec2f(this->x+w/2.0, this->y+h/2.0, 0);  
mouse += ofxVec2f((this->x+w/2.0), (this->y+h/2.0));  

should work

dude!!! worked like a freakin charm! I’m stoked now. Damn, I’ve been banging my head against the wall with this all morning. I’m still a tad confused, because I was using the same rotation formulas in my calculations that ofxVec2f uses… but at this point I’m just happy it’s working :slight_smile:

Thanks so much man! you’re a life saver!!