Robotic motion along with 3D sensing camera

A different approach to robot motion control with of Openframeworks + Kinect + Abb robot. The depth field of the environment is being sent to the robot continuously over TCP/IP, as the robot does adjust its laser tool and object frame according this data. Likewise it can create a virtual tool as long as the distance from the tool center to the surface which it targets with the laser. It is important as it can reflect the inherent smooth motion capabilities of the robot on a work object, which now is being sensed by the Kinect.



I just stumbled across this post after searching for a long time for different ways to connect a robotic arm to openframeworks. I noticed your piece also incorporates the kinect.

I was wondering if you still have this code and if so if you are open to sharing it? I have a few ideas in mind and would love to work with it if you’re okay with that?