robert penner's easing equations


I’ve made a port of the superfamous (among flash heads, at least) robert penner’s easing equations to c++ for use in my openFrameworks projects.

Should anyone be interested in using them, here they are, with a quick and dirty openFrameworks demo:…-asing-cpp/

this is “my” first “library” for c++ so I’m glad to hear any comments, corrections, or feedback .


Cool, I know those.


I found your Penner easing equations via another thread on these forums:…-ight=tween

The project on the thread, uses the easing equations along with an event system from the poco c++ library. It’s interesting stuff and the code is well written and easy to understand.

Anyway, thanks for these equations. They’re really useful.

hey thanks. I’m glad they’re useful.

I didn’t know they were used in cppglue!