roadmap for of/007

Hi all!

I just started to write my thesis about a tool based on OF and used the master branch on github for other projects in the past.
since OF changed very much in the last time to make 007, the master is some kind of unready to use (cbp files not working under linux, …) but has some nice new features, which I want to get my hands on :slight_smile:
is there any roadmap when 007 will be finished or something like that? or should I use 0062?

cheers and thanks,



hopefully someone of the “coreteam” (zach, arturo, theo, kyle, …) has some infos?!


should be soon!
< 3 weeks for sure!

That’s great! There was mention a ways back @some sort of basic GUI capability in 007. Is that going to make it in (and are there any details :wink: )

thanks for your answer, theo!

would be great if there is an announcement, if it is ready (at least to test :slight_smile: )!

WOW! Thanks Theo!