have just been porting my old ribbon code from processing into OF and thought id post.

new features include,
optimisation using VBO. (from http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/very-simple-example-of-vertex-arrays,-vbo’s,-point-sprites/1349/0)
mapping the color of the ribbons to an external image file.
flow fields using perslin noise within a bounding sphere field.
also ofxTileSaver is in there so you can export a render to what ever size tickles your fancy.

ive included all the addons used in the zip for a quick run although they should really be replaced with the addons from your addons folder for consistency.


looking to take this ribbon code further so please let me know if you have any ideas for optimising, especially the ribbon math.


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Nearly four years later, I’m pleased to say that lovely example still works just fine. I was looking for a quick way to get some ribbons dancing, now I have something to work from.

Thanks Lukasz.