RGB LED Video Mapper with Artnet and Syphon

In March, Kerstin Hovland and I created a series of custom deltoid LED fixtures for a microtonal pop band based in LA. The show was going to be lighting base but we wanted to be able to control it with video, so we built a video to LED mapper in openFrameworks that incorporated ofxSyphon to receive video playback from a standard media server and a modified version of ofxArtnet to interface with standard LED lighting fixtures or LED strips. For our particular setup we built animation in After Effects and did our video playback in Millumin with a Syphon output going into our LED mapping software. We built in the ability to work with arbitrary RGB strip/fixture sizes, with auto DMX universe segmenting, and the ability to place strips at arbitrary tilt angles. In the end we worked with a blend of 144 pixel/meter and 60 pixel/meter density RGB LED strips that were connected to an Enttec Pixelator, which basically can receive Artnet and do the conversion to serial for each LED strip and send it over standard ethernet. In the end we utilized a total of 6 DMX universes for two upright deltoids and one lower density floor based deltoid. In the end the system worked out quite well, just wish we had some proper haze to get a bit more volume to the light, next time. Video of two of the songs here:

You can take a look at some of the pics here http://www.ecminteractive.com/portfolio/11ins/

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