RGB color is strange and green colored saturated

HI, All.

void ofApp::setup(){


file = decoder.getFile();

void ofApp::draw(){

float normalX = float(ofGetMouseX()) /ofGetWidth();
file.drawFrame(normalX * file.getNumFrames(),
               0,0,file.getWidth()*2,  file.getHeight()*2);


I’ve tested ofxGIFDecoder addon.
But, Like above picture, RGB color is strange and green colored saturated for all gif files.

So, I want to Color Convert.
But, This code use ofxGif file structure instead of ofImage or cv::Mat.
So I cant convert color.
And, Unfortunately, ofxGifDecoder site doesn’t have issue board.

How can I rearrange the color for GIF files in this code?


jesusgollonet/ofxGifDecoder is unmaintained and archived (as mentioned in the GitHub page).

Maybe https://github.com/Geistyp/ofxGif doesn’t have this issue with the green color?

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