RGB color into music note API?

Hi there,

I am trying to convert my rgb color into music notes (3 types)?

What would be a good API to exploring converting data into music notes?

Thanks a lot!

Hey fkkcloud, there are many options for creating sound from note values:

ofxAudioUnit will let you procedurally send midi notes to any audio unit sampler or synth
ofxTonic will let you build synths from scratch
ofxMidi will let you send midi to actual midi devices(keyboards, MPCs, etc)
ofxPd connects you to a whole other universe(Pd) where you can do almost anything with sounds

As for choosing the notes, you’ll have to work out the music theory yourself!

By notes do you mean actual sounds, like you want to create the sound from a sine wave or do you mean a note as in an abstract representation of how an instrument would play a note? Because, if it’s the latter, then you can just use MIDI and send the value to another program like Ableton or PD and then have them play the note. If it’s the former, then I’d recommend looking at ofxMaxim to actually create sounds.

@xululululuuum Great information to start with. I will take it from here!

@joshuajnoble It is actually former. I guess ofxTonic/ofxAudioUnit would do good job for me.

I appreciate your helps.