Reveal invisible characters in strings

I’m working between ofxNetwork and Pure-Data via TCP.
For checking if the data is passed correctly, you have to set a delimiter for messages.
I noticed that Pure Data is using by default a ‘;’ character, but also it look like there is also a line return like ‘\n’ or something. I want to catch that.

I can receive in OF the raw string from pure data, but how can I see what is invisible in the string ?
Maybe a conversion to Bytes that I can draw on screen and google ?

Thanks in advance.

I found a solution using ofToHex(string s);
That works really nice. I can’t believe it took me so long to find a solution for this…

For the record, I use Purr-Data and netserver object from maxlib, and it seems that as delimiters, it sends ;\n (2 chars) but wants to receive only ;
so I end up using
but that will be less safe unfortunately.