Retina detection / backingScaleFactor

Hi all,

I presume this should be due to Glut - but I can’t manage any way to detect if an OF application window is currently on a retina screen or not.

This line should return 2.0 on a retina screen but within OF it returns 1.0 :

CGFloat scale = [[NSScreen mainScreen] backingScaleFactor];  

Unfortunately after various tries I can’t find any workaround to do this !

Any ideas ?

Thank in advance

Hi all,

I want to detect if OF is currently running on retina.
All i found is this:!show_isRetinaSupportedOnDevice

but that is only for ofAppiOSWindow.
Is there a crossplatform method to detect that?

I have a retina display and this code returns 1:


Shouldn’t it return 2?

Have you added the NSHighResolutionCapable / YES key-value pair to your application’s Info.plist?

Oh I had no idea about that… could we write that somewhere in documentation?
Thank you! it works now.