Resuming your app from where you left off

I’ve noticed that when switching to another app from an OF iOS app that as soon as I try to switch back, in the app switcher screen I see the launch image and when I resume the app, it starts the app up from the beginning.

I’ve just jumped back into working on this app after a few months, but I recall seeing something in Apple’s docs about apps with a GLView needing to do something before leaving or resuming in order to avoid this. I know some OF-built apps on the app store that don’t have this problem so I was surprised to encounter it.

How do I go about properly resuming an OF app after a switch?


in ofxiphone-Info.plist remove the key “Application does not run in background - YES” entirely, or change it to no

thank you Zach, problem solved. perhaps the generated .plist should default to this setting?