Resources for learning how to use VBO's and VboMesh


I’m new to the modern OpenGL graphics pipeline, OpenGL immediate mode makes sense but the move to emphasize programmable shaders and balancing memory/computation on the CPU/GPU has me scratching my head a bit. Does anyone know any good resources for learning how to work with this new pipeline and specifically how it can be applied to OF’s Vbo’s and VboMeshes?


I usually look at 3 places for learning modern OpenGL in openFrameworks:

Advanced graphics chapter of ofBook:

Basics of OpenGL tutorial:

examples/gl directory in openFrameworks:

Also, for non-specific to openFrameworks learning material, I’m not usually looking for websites like “OpenGL 101 for dummies” because they all suck and teach you outdated stuff, but for work of driver engineers from companies like AMD or Nvidia – i.e. people whose job is to make OpenGL modern. People like Graham Sellers from AMD, he wrote a book on OpenGL called “OpenGL Superbible”, you can buy 7th edition on amazon which addresses, among other versions, latest OpenGL 4.5. Plus you can download and try the examples from his book here.