[resolved] Install opencv for OpenFrameWorks

Hello everyone,
I just Installer Code :: Blocks 13.12 , I then put the lib and include directories openFrameworks in Code :: Blocks . OpenFrameworks works well. I’m happy.
Opencv installer to make power But the use with openframework . I know how With codeblock But I do not know how to install with openframework , have you a link who could help me .
I’m under Win 7 64 bit
I Installer Code :: Blocks 13.12
I OpenFrameWork installer : of_v0.8.4_win_cb_release
I have opencv : opencv-3.0.0-rc1 but i have not install again.
Thank you in advance

unless you need latest openCV version, you’d better go with the core ofxOpenCv addon

otherwise, i have never installed openCv into openFrameworks so i can’t tell

Cool thaks Gallo for your reply. I’ll wait a bit to see if I find someone using opencv with openFW.

download and try ofxCv: https://github.com/kylemcdonald/ofxCv

It acts as a wrapper for openCv, so you can have full use of openCv tools and functions, and ofxCv has some useful ways to translate between openCv Mats and openFrameworks

I’ve seen and I try to use it but I do not know how to install it.
Have you a link that could help me because I’m newbee in OpenWK.

I guess you have to recompile your system files.

download and copy the extracted directory into “addons” directory you will find into your openframeworks install directory

then run “project generator” and include ofxCv addon (plus other addons you may need)

then you are good to go

I look at it thank you Gallo

That’s cool, I have a picture of you thank you Gallo.
Good Day