Resolution limit

Im trying make a application that goes over many screens, but i got the problem that when my total resolution goes to high, the screen becomes completely white. I don’t know if its a openGl, GLUT or openFrameworks limit, and if it can be solved?

I can see it happens when i go between 1920x1200 + 1680x1050 (=4068000px^2) and 1920x1200 + 1680x1050 + 1024+768 (=4854432px^2). Im on a mac pro with several GPU’s, and using Mac OS 10.5.

Hope somebody knows something about it, because im in a big hurry :slight_smile:


I have found out that the OpenGL context can’t be bigger then 4096 x 4096. So the way solving it is setting the monitors so that they don’t get outiside that size.