Requirements for a webserver running OF applications via emscripten?

Hi there;

I have purchased some basic webhosting through; I would like to be able to run my OF applications in a virtual “gallery” on my website with emscripten. I’m not sure if I’ve ever gotten emscripten to work just on its own with my local machine (I have always gotten some sort of errors through installation or running the software), but right now I’m wondering if my simple webhosting package even has the necessary software required to run emscripten.

Does anyone know off hand the bare bones requirements for running OF emscripten apps on a webhost? The last time I checked my hostgator account didn’t have node installed; but you may be able to request certain software/functionality from them depending on the package. If I have to switch webhosts to get this to be able to work it’s no issue. Let me know what you think!

Beside the download of the compiled js file (that if I remember correctly, was around 15/18 MB) there is no load for the server. I would say that there are not requirement server side.

Yep, emscripten creates a webassembly (wasm for short) object which in practice is a really big javascript file loaded in an HTML file. So you would be fine with basic shared hosting / FTP. I haven’t compiled the examples in a while, but if I remember correctly the build folder will be just that index.html with js.

@edapx @autr cool, good to know. I’ll try compiling an example again and give it a go; it has been finicky last time I tried so I’ll report back :sunglasses::v: