[REQUEST] ofxOpencv + optical flow

Please, can you officially add methods like Lukas–Kanade, Horn–Schunck, Block matching for estimating optical flow to the ofxOpencv addon?

There are several codes online (and on this forum): some of them seem to work (but have troubles) some don’t work at all…

thanks :slight_smile:

ps. where can I download a right code for now?

I’d probably agree, but you can just as easily use the raw calls to those oCV methods to see how they’re used in OF. That will also help you understand how oCV is organized and how to use some of the more powerful parts of it. There’s a thread on using calcOpticalFlowPyrLK in OF007 here: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/can’t-seem-to-get-takashi’s-opticalflowbm-method-to-work./6904/0