little stupid question, i found now two hints about a rep on of.…-wrksp.html

i dont want to commit and fuck up your trunk, but i would like to grab it in order to use it… is this possible?

i try to do the eclipse tut but i can’t find his workspace, that man is talking about and the note at the bottom makes sense to me.


hi yeah we are just getting started with SVN, so we didn’t even set it up right w/ trunks/branches/etc. We’ve just been working with one directory, so we decided that after 0.03 (ie, now) we are going to make changes to how we do stuff.

we currently have SVN ssh, so we can’t get people on it (we don’t have multi-user hosting) but we are looking for alternative approaches.

this is an hourly zip of the svn (just that folder I’ve been mentioning):

and if you want to poke around, look at comments, etc:

I hope that helps - we in the process of moving everything over to a better system.

about eclipse, I’m not sure about it (there should be a workspace at least of 0.01 OF) but will check on it.

take care,

thanx zach! i will look at it for sure… lots of opensource projects are hosted at google code or sourceforge… may be thats a good point to look for hosting. from others like cvsdude i know they have space limits for free accounts you guys will hit for sure.