Replacement for ofxTimeline?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to use ofxTimeline for a timeline-based MIDI Sequencer and MIDI/CV/Lights Automation software I am working on in my spare time. I have noticed that the codebase for ofxTimeline has not been updated since 4 years, so my question is if there is any alternative?


we’ve been doing some updates while working on a project recently you can find them here;

there’s not new functionality but we’ve brought it up to date with latest OF master and started to add some integration with ofxGui which needs some changes before it’s published to ofxGui itself


HI @arturo What’s the latest status on getting the new and improved ofxTimeline happening with the latest OF? Trying your branch now but am running across ofParameter issues because the ofParameter advanced features ( haven’t been merged in yet.

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I think I’m close to getting your branch working but am stuck on some errors in ofxTLCurves:

Use of undeclared identifier 'ofxeasing'
No type named 'Type' in 'ofxEasing'

you might need to include the ofxEasing addon? this not near to be stable and i’m not using ofxTimeline at the moment so until i go back to working on that project or something else using ofxTimeline i won’t have time to look into this

same here @clem, did you made it work?

Thanks @arturo. I do have the ofxEasing add-on included in the project so that’s definitely not the problem. I’ll play around and see what I can get happening.

Not yet @moebiussurfing so let me know if you succeed at your end. Xcode suggests I change ‘ofxeasing’ to ‘ofxEasing’ but that only seems to generate other bugs. So instead I’m having a go commenting out sections that create errors and seeing if I end up with a project that builds. Right now the only errors shown relate to ofxGuiGroup:

... ofxGuiGroup.cpp:105:33: No member named 'castReadOnly' in 'ofAbstractParameter'; did you mean 'isReadOnly'?

I’m also getting 3 other issues relating to that line.

I’ve got ofxTimeline working with the latest OF but only after disabling audio tracks and the openAL timeline additions.

cool @clem, do you used the Entropy repo? which branch? do you have the repo on github to check the changes? thanks

@clem @moebiussurfing I’m looking for the same thing

@moebiussurfing @edapx - sorry for the late reply.

Here’s what I had done to get it working:
The git comments were added in today and probably aren’t particularly useful.

I’ve got a bit more time on my hand now so ready to get back to my OF project now. It will probably be ofxTimeline heavy so keep me in the loop if you move things along on that front.

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Thanks @clem, I will try this out.

Here’s another update to this excellent addon, updated to 0.10.1

Currently only tested on Linux but should work with other platforms. You will need to probably regenerate the projects though. I’ve re-added the ofxTLAudioTrack with a new ofOpenALSoundPlayer_TimelineAdditions class that is a lot cleaner and uses the latest ofOpenALSoundPlayer. Haven’t tested that on the other platforms either.

hey im trying to compile lfo-example under manjaro it compiles fine but i can not run it :

make RunRelease
checking pkg-config libraries: cairo zlib gstreamer-app-1.0 gstreamer-1.0 gstreamer-video-1.0 gstreamer-base-1.0 libudev freetype2 fontconfig sndfile openal libcurl glfw3 rtaudio libpulse-simple alsa gl glu glew gtk±3.0 libmpg123
/bin/sh: line 1: 13576 Segmentation fault (core dumped) ./example-lfo
make: *** […/…/…/libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/makefileCommon/ RunRelease] Error 139

I just tried it on Ubuntu and it works fine. Are other examples compiling normally? The current build is tested using latest git master, so maybe try that.

EDIT: I thought you couldn’t compile it. I can compile and run it via Makefile. Try dropping a Makefile from the emptyExample into the folder and see if it helps.

Hey , they all compile but none of then run, so far im using the nightly vs
ill try doing the makeFile thing

It is working great on OSX, did you also change the way the waveform is acquired? It is a lot faster with long files now (20 min +).

The only thing is that the openAL framework is not included in the, for OSX this would be a small change:


But I am wondering if it is left out as it is only needed when audio is needed. I’m not sure of the implications of including this when it is not needed, but if it is there, everything works great on OSX with the project generator.

Thanks for your efforts, this is a great tool, glad to see it revived.

I updated the OpenAL code to use the latest OF code. This is the one used in the Linux ofSoundPlayer. There were some code differences for sure, but I’m not exactly sure what they were. @arturo 's implementation is most likely better though, so that might explain the speed increase :smiley:

I left out the framework because I didn’t test on MacOS, I’'ll add that now.

I don’t see an issues tab on your fork on git (is that always the case?). It is a cosmetic issue but on the original version there was a frame preview across a video track, now I see the preview (the current frame still changes next to the playhead) is either garbage or black.

Hi, I’ve been working on this lately.