Rendering to video

I’m making a collage generator (based on multiple still images, alpha blends and animation/cuts) but I need to render the whole window (2K resolution) to video (can be Quicktime, Image sequence or anything related). I’ve found a few old methods and addons but nothing current that I can actually use. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

If you’re not using actual time, you can use ofSaveFrame(), which drops the frameRate while exporting.

Comments on the function from the ofUtils.h file:
/// The PNG image will be named according to an internal counter in sequence.
/// The count will be restarted each time the program is restarted.
So after the export you can animate the images with ffmpeg
You may need to change the file names from 0,1,2,etc to 0000, 0001, 0002, etc for ffmpeg to like it.
Oh, I think did that by changing the function in ofUtils.cpp to:

int saveImageCounter = 0;
void ofSaveFrame(bool bUseViewport){
	string zeroes = "00000000";
	zeroes = zeroes.substr(0, zeroes.length()-(ofToString(saveImageCounter).length()));
   string fileName = "./frames/f" + zeroes + ofToString(saveImageCounter) + ".png";
	if (bUseViewport){
	} else {

I’ve used it like this in OF 0.9.8

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