Rendering Frames to Disk, anyone?

I Just finished a simple realtime audio-visual-project. Now I want to
create a video from this… Problem is, all modulation data is generated via OSC
so that I really need to clip this realtime for it to work smoothly.

I see three options:

  1. Record all OSC-data and start the visual project in ‘autonomous’ mode. Playing back at whatever framerate I get and storing each frame.

  2. Attach a second computer with a HDMI-grabber

  3. Hehe, I actually made a vain attempt at using quicktime screen recorder… but of course it worked as expected. Bogged down the cpu totally, failing to capture full screen et.cetera.

Now for option 1, are there any addons allowing for scene capture and recording?

This must be a very common problem(?)

you may want to try screenflick - it is quite fast and has a demo