Render webpage in ofApp


Is there a way to display a webpage which mixes HTML and javascript with openFrameworks ? like with CEF ?

I need to display a 5670 x 1080 page on 3 projectors

thanks a lot

you can take a look ofxcef

humm, stange i didn’t find it while i was looking for something like this !

looks interesting but labeled “experimental and mostly broken” !

will have a look though

You can try ofxAwesomium, im using right now to do exactly that

thanks for the link !

i also found ofxBelkerium (seems functional but unmaintained as CEF seems to be a replacement for Belkerium), how does it compare with ofxAwesomium ?

I don’t know the diferences, i tried awesomium and worked great so don’t look more

Sorry for late reply, but I thought I might put my 2 cents in.

I have had experience with CEF. I couldn’t get ofxCEF to work great for me, so I wrote my own CEF module. There is a big learning curve with CEF and documentation I found, while is comprehensive, isn’t fantastic. Also the initialization of CEF doesn’t really fit neatly into openframeworks because (… insert complicated explanation about threading and ability to open virtual windows here …). Once you get CEF working, it works well.

I haven’t had any experience with Awesomium. The only reason I went with CEF is because I develop with linux and while Awesomium does seem to support linux, I thought CEF would be easier at the time.

Also there is a potential cost involved with Awesomium. CEF is covered under the BSD licence.

It seems like both backends will be maintained for the foreseeable future.

From what I know, these two backends are your best options. Good luck!


thanks a lot for your feedback
i ended up using ofxAwesomium as i had trouble using ofxCEF.

this works pretty well so far, except some “complex” pages that won’t display correctly : animations, widgets etc… i think there is problems with some javascripts or specific technologies…