Render realTime Video in 4K

I need to render a 4K video.
But i`ve a FPS problem. Now im sending a fbo as a texture to a SyphonRec. In small resolution it works fine, but if i want to render in FULL HD the frame rate start to drop.
How can i do?
Maybe scalling the FBO?
Is someone here rendering in 4K (in real time)

Rendering performance depends heavily on the quality of the hardware. Can you state the specs of your machine?

Im curious about this, i never played 4k video, but i will need for a future project.

@davidemania what kind of machine do you recommend and what addon to have a smooth and stable video player on windows

I’ve never tried 4K over Syphon.
Is it the Syphon aspect that is slowing it down or does it run slow regardless of if you are sending?

If its slow without Syphon you might want to make sure you are running in Release and also avoid any CPU pixel access.