Render ofCamera in ImGui docked window


I’m rather new to OF and OpenGL and I’m trying to make a window with a camera view
of another angle of my scene and I’m not really sure how to do it.
Is there a way to render an ofCamera/ofEasyCam in ImGui element ?

I’ve checked this similar topic but it seems that the link given in the answer is no longer working and it’s quite old so I’m re-asking here.


you can render a fbo as a imgui image.
i recently needed that

and here is how the fbo is set up.

i am not sure how tricky it is to render on ofEasyCam in a fbo, especially if screen size and fbo size dont match. but in general everything that can be rendered into a fbo can be displayed in imgui.

hope that helps

Thank you for your answer, you really helped me.

glad it helped.
did you manage to get it working with ofEasyCam or did you use ofCamera in the end?