renaming the project name


i read a previous, older thread about this and have tried the recommended ways to accomplish starting a new project:

i have tried to rename my project using the method of clicking twice in the project navigator and then editing the project name, however, as soon as i press return, i receive an error and the name returns to emptyExample. changing the name of the product in the build settings doesn’t work either as the name points to the embedded target name and fills that information in automatically. is there documentation about starting a new project, renaming a project anywhere?



it appears the order in which you attempt to change a project name is important. it works when the name in the navigator is edited before the folder name is changed.

the only problem that persists is the scheme title, which is still named emptyExample. how can you edit the scheme name to match the name of the project?


If you are on xcode, check out this post I wrote. It talks about changing the name of your project and application.
Also with pictures.

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